Video Links- Agenda 21

Tom Deweese presents ..sponsored by “Americans For Prosperity”, September 22, 2011.  Excellent introduction.

Obama Executive Order- June 2011, which is an effort to implement Agenda 21 upon “rural” America. Listen closely, and read the Order.

Reduce Population?

ICLEI? Why should you care?

More Agenda 21 and ICLEI

UN Agenda 21, ICLEI – Social Justice, Redistribution of Wealth, Karl Marx

-UN Agenda 21, ICLEI, Smart Growth, ‘Stakeholder Councils and Public-Private Partnerships’

Hoax of Global Warming Driving UN Agenda 21, ICLEI, How to Stop Implementation, 4 Communities Defund ICLEI

Wildlands Project…

Do we turn our back on America’s Heritage and History and embrace the U.N. Agenda 21 movement? Government schools now teach that the U.S. Bill of Rights out of date and should be revised or abolished.

No Private Property.. No Vehicles allowed? You’ll recognize the theme.

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