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How To Destroy America

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Agenda 21- Undermining America

United Nations

As Citizens of Oregon, we are concerned with our local government being a member of ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability.  ICLEI prior to 2003 was known as The International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives. For political reasons, the organization name was changed to diminish the obvious  United Nations roots.  ICLEI has morphed their identity into what is now called  Local Governments for Sustainablility .  ICLEI / Local Governments for Sustainability is an “NGO“.

Why should this matter to you?  ICLEI is one part of the effort by the  United Nations to implement Agenda 21 .  It is the practical application of the self described Socialists and Communist inspired “Earth Charter“… the strategy to use “environmentalism” as the excuse for the exchange of personal liberty for Statist control and domination throughout the globe.

Agenda 21 is a 40 chapter document which is a means of taking away your personal property under the auspices of environmental initiatives- without Congressional approval.  It is a Trojan horse and we, as concerned citizens of Oregon, should stand together and contact our County Commissioners, Mayor’s, City Council’s and other agency’s determined to press Agenda 21 mandates on our local communities.  We must contact all State, County and City officials to voice our concerns that they are involved  with ICLEI, UN Agenda 21, and Sustainable Development. It is an outgrowth of the radical “Earth First” movement.

We are NOT against saving energy and other environmental/conservation issues-Oregon Citizens have been saving energy and supporting conservation programs LONG before ICLEI’s inception.

GOL’S MISSION STATEMENT:  To restore Constitutional governance at the local level in Oregon.

“In the next century, nations as we know it will be obsolete; all states will recognize a single, global authority. National sovereignty wasn’t such a great idea after all.”

Strobe Talbot, President Clinton’s Deputy Secretary of State, l992

Strobe Talbot was referring to Agenda 21.  Read factual background and disturbing, substantiated efforts to impose Agenda 21.. a plan funded by George Soros and similar “Globalist” interests. 


Sustainable Enforcment – United Nations from Good Fight on Vimeo.

Here is an example from Austin, Texas. Testimony re: Agenda 21 (Council hears testimony, and imposes the ordinance anyway)

The Wildland Project

It is vital to understand that the Wildlands Project is just one of many elements of control that are being put into place by global socialists to control the population. Relocation of wildlife, large wilderness and roadless areas, and the relocation of populations into “sustainable communities” are all a part of the goal of implementing Agenda 21, or the United Nations Agenda for the 21st Century.

Born out of the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Agenda 21 serves as the comprehensive blueprint for achieving “sustainable development”. It’s many tentacles are being put into place by the agencies of the U.S. government such as the State Department, the Department of Energy, the Forest Service, Fish and Wildlife, Bureau of Land Management, etc. It is also being aided along by countless non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

It’s important to note that though the planners are bypassing congress in their implementation of the plan, it can be stopped at the state and local levels.

The Agenda 21 document contains 40 chapters which address issues that range from controlling water, land, air, and minerals, to policy recommendations for disposal of toxic and hazardous wastes, to technology management and transfer. There are many other facets of the program including managing the role of women and children, and the role of indigenous people in the process.

In short, it is an all-encompassing, revolutionary plan for controlling the entire population of earth, marketed under the slick packaging of environmental and ecological necessity.

One only has to read the first couple of chapters to begin to get the sense of the socialist roots of the plan. It calls on all “developed” countries, such as the United States, to come to the aid of “developing” countries. In other words, the playing field is to be leveled. The rich, industrialized countries will help fund the destitute, impoverished countries, transferring the technology and wealth necessary to achieve sustainable development.

It is the obvious opinion of these global marxists, that humans are the scourge of the earth. They contend that we are destroying everything around us. If we are not stopped, they lament, future generations will be doomed to live in world-wide poverty, while not being able to enjoy a vast eco-system, clean air, clean water, etc.

In other words, your human activity must be significantly curtailed, or — to be more blunt — every aspect of your life must be controlled, with a heavy hand, to ensure that you are not going to jeopardize the earth’s blessings for future generations.

Ironically, the very essence of the program will rob future generations of their ability to enjoy the fullness of the earth and its resources, if its architects are successful in achieving their goals. It is the goal of these designers to place a large majority of the earth off limits to human beings, with the population being crammed into sustainable communities, where nearly everything a resident needs will be within a 5 mile radius (so automobiles will be unnecessary).

It will also rob future generations of their ability to own and control the land, which is the foundation of all individual liberty.

Already, we are seeing massive areas of land being placed under restrictions called “conservation easements”, “scenic byways”, “protected areas”, “biosphere reserves”, “wildlife refuges”, etc. The names are varied and plentiful, but the result is always the same: More government control; less human freedom.

This brings us back to rewilding, or as they call it “The Wildlands Project”.

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