Agenda 21 Reference Links

Freedom Advocates (One of the Best Reference Links on the Web)

Climate DepotDebunking the corruption laced “Man Made” warming hoax

The Green Agenda  (A treasure trove for facts and footnotes for a deeper understanding of the “Green Agenda”.

The American Thinker: Agenda 21 Articles

The Green Revolution– The Pagan roots of the “Green Religion”

“Deep Green” movement Worships the God “Gaia” at UN sponsored Agenda 21 events (Mother Earth)

For a sense of the Earth First worship of Mother Earth, here is a video clip of a “worship service” in N. Carolina
Agenda-ICLEI Facebook Fan Page

Quick Google Search of Agenda 21 – Why you should be concerned..

Canadian Press articles concerning Agenda 21

Conservation Easements Land Trusts evolving into Frankenstein land use (abuse) coupled with Government takeover of private lands.

Several Oregon Cities are quietly paying ICLEI dues using your tax dollars.  The silent “killer” infests  our communities.. and citizens are in the dark about the intense efforts by NGO’s (Non Governmental Agencies) to impose Agenda 21.. using TAXPAYER funds to fund the UN mission designed to destroy personal property rights.

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