Agenda 21 Education

The Environment.. who doesn’t want a clean and vibrant environment?  Who can argue against that?

Like so many “good” things, Man is constantly looking for ways to promote and encourage evil- and the perversion of the meaning of good “Stewardship” is alive and well as we carefully go behind the facade of the “Green Movement“.   The Green Movement is the underlying belief system forming the basis for the United Nations plan described as “Agenda 21”.

Directly from the United Nations Agenda 21 document:

Section III, Chapter 25 of Agenda 21 is titled:  Strengthening the Role of Major Groups

25.1 “Youth comprise nearly 30 per cent of the world’s population.  The involvement of today’s environment and development decision-making and in the implementation of programmes is critical to the long term success of Agenda 21.

Get involved!  This indoctrination is being implemented in Oregon public schools right now.  Read your children’s history, environmental science, even their French books. Some form of sustainable development is being taught, whether the information is correct or not.

Another popular “educational” technique is the  “Public Input Meeting” organized and “facilitated” by those with strong ties to Agenda 21, ICLEI, and related Public/Private “Partnerships”.  Many times these presentations are publicly funded, but understand that these are often NGO’s.. “Non Governmental Agencies”.  They use public grants (taxpayer money) to fund these “educational” efforts. Slick, eh?   These meetings use a  technique commonly described as the “Delphi Technique“. Turn down your speakers.. (annoying music..)

Degrees are being offered at certain colleges around the nation to promote ‘sustainable development’.

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