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Agenda 21- A United Nations inspired plan to “de-develop” the developed nations in the world, particularly the USA.  In the view of the United Nations, industrialization must be eliminated in an effort to achieve “sustainability”.   Wide ranging efforts are underway to use the cover of “ecology, global warming, pollution…” to create the perception that the only way to save mankind is to de-develop the world, specifically the developed nations.  That means the new world order will:  outlaw personal property ownership; reduce the area that mankind may occupy on Earth; The State will take ownership of all land, all resources and other property.  Travel will be restricted and strictly controlled.  Food production and consumption must be approved by the State.  All people shall be subject to the State for protection, sustenance, and day to day survival.

By the way, this plan also requires that national sovereignty be swept aside in favor of a “One World Government”.  No longer will those people in America decide their fate.  In the Agenda 21 plan, there is but one government, and it has supreme power over all inhabitants of the world.  The “world court” will establish and enforce laws.  Local control will be a thing of the past.

Elitists : a group of persons who by virtue of position or education exercise much power or influence <members of the ruling elite>

Some 65 years ago, this manner of central control was described quite well in the book, “The Road to Serfdom“, by F.A. Hayek.


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  1. Les Jordan

    So, are there any groups in the Eugene/Lane County area devoted to active – ie discussion, public initiative etc – resistance to local implementation of Agenda 21?

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